Targets. Every marketer’s waking nightmare. You either do or you are doomed. No excuses. World over, it is usually the point of departure. Yet as marketers, we should and must meet our sales or marketing targets. It’s the life blood of every organization. When marketing department misfires, every department is on notice. Here is our take on how you as a marketer can meet your targets.

Increase sales

1. Agree on realistic targets.
You better agree to disagree at the point of setting targets. Your input must be considered. Never allow yourself to be crucified over non participatory sales targets. Give your point of view and agree on realistic targets. There is a good reason why they are called “your targets.”- you must own them.

2. Ask for relevant resources to meet those targets.
Never shy away from asking for those resources that will assist you meet the targets. There is no bigger sin than not being honest with management at the point of setting targets only to lament and blame everybody when you fail to meet them. Should you require additional budget allocation, personnel or equipment, state it clearly at the onset.

3. Break targets into do-able bits.
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Once you have the overall annual target, break it into small achievable targets. Do not set out to sell a thousand units. Aim to sell just that single unit. Concentrate on small triumphs. With time, you will gather the momentum to realize the big gains.

4. Build on little wins.
Every sale is important. No sale is too small or insignificant. Give every sale its due attention. Stop chasing those ghostly big deals that always never materialize. It’s the fastest way to miss your targets and out of the revolving door.

5. Persevere, be patient and consistent.
Anyone can win. Once. It takes great character, discipline and perseverance to win over a sustained period. Take disappointments in your stride. It’s comes with the territory. Consistently apply your techniques while patiently waiting for the results. Evaluate and change tactics only if necessary. It never pays to jump from one trial to the next.

6. Fail quickly.
The best way to learn is to fail. Quickly. Every tried method that doesn’t work is discarded. At least you have learnt what isn’t working. If you are not failing enough, you are not trying hard enough.

7. Update and innovate.
The market dynamics are forever changing. Update your techniques. Be a good learner. Watch what your competition is doing, watch the changing trends and adapt accordingly. You can never win today’s battle with yesterday’s thinking. You just have to keep innovating and updating all your tools.

8. Balance the off seasons.
Not every day is Friday. If sales are too good during one season its likely to drop in the ensuing period. Ensure the management is aware of this fluctuation so that you are not crucified when the tide turns.

9. Manage expectations.
You are safer under promising and over delivering than over promising and underperforming. The former will buy you time to get your act together while the latter will see you out the revolving door soonest. Avoid the ever present temptation to please the bosses with a rosy picture only to flounder at the point of call. You are forewarned, meet your targets!

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